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April 19, 2017
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April 24, 2017
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A Day Trip to Ann Arbor

Leighton did so good finding all of the fairy doors!!

Like I had mentioned here, we spent the day in Ann Arbor a couple weekends ago. I’m not one who likes to stay home all the time, I tend to like being out doing something. But going away most of the weekends isn’t always feasible, nor a good idea. So going on day trips every now and then is right up my alley. If we are going on a day trip, I don’t want to spend all day in the car (I guess that is common sense). Ann Arbor is one of our go-to locations, it’s less than an hour away, has tons of stuff to do and is one of our favorite Michigan cities (besides Detroit, of course). Since the weather was so nice, my parents decided to meet us out there. We had a perfect day walking around, eating and finding fairy doors. We stopped at a few of our favorite stores like Vault of Midnight Comics, The M Den, Pitaya, Downtown Home and Garden and a few others that we always seem to go to. This time we went to two different restaurants for lunch and dinner that both were featured on Man vs. Food- Tios and Blimpy Burgers. Leighton finished her whole hamburger at Blimpy’s so she was able to take her empty tray back up to the counter and pick out a prize! Of course, we had to stop at the Graffiti Alley to take some pictures :)!!

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