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February 17, 2017
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February 21, 2017
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A weekend in the 60s, In February

Beyond Juice, Eastern Market and The Park

Late Valentine's Day Celebration

Dinner and Drinks with Friends in Detroit

The best way to describe the weather this weekend in the middle of February in Metro Detroit is amazing, wonderful, spectacular, incredible, terrific, magnificent, I could keep going on and on with every synonym there is but you get the point. The average temperature in Detroit for February is around 35 degrees, but Saturday we broke the previous record of 62 degrees by 3 degrees. Yes that is right 65 degrees in the middle of February, in Detroit. So of course we had to get outside and enjoy the day. The girls and I had a girls morning, first stop was Beyond Juice for smoothies, next was Eastern Market and our last stop was the park. The girls favorite part about Eastern Market are the samples, while mine is all the veggies and local Detroit products. I did leave with a few fruit and veggies, but I also got a cute new tee from Detroit Street Apparel – it was just too cute and on sale for $10, so of course I had to get it!! We had to stop by the park on the way home, it was record breaking weather and all! On our way home from our fun filled morning we picked up Hunter House for the boys, one of the best hamburgers around and all ate lunch outside!

Saturday night we continued to enjoy the weather and went out downtown with our friends for drinks and dinner. The last beautiful weekend in January, we tried Vertical and Bad Luck Bar for the first time (more about that, here) and have been dying to go back. Our friends haven’t tried either one, so I was thrilled when they wanted to try both. It was great to see downtown Detroit so busy, even if it meant we couldn’t get into Vertical a little later than we wanted. But we were lucky and able to get a few bar stools at Standby, so we had a snack and drink there before dinner, which is never a bad thing. Dinner at Vertical was once again amazing, the drinks and atmosphere at Bad Luck Bar were also phenomenal, thanks Yani for drinks! It was so nice to walk around Detroit long after the sun went down and not be freezing, I actually wore open toe shoes- I was totally feeling the warm weather!

Sunday was a get things done kind of day, laundry, spring cleaning and wedding planning. But we did take a nice walk to 7 Eleven for slurpees (which happens to be one of my favorite drinks), I feel like the walk totally canceled out the calories of the slurpee.

Going back to Friday, we had a late Valentine’s Day celebration with the kids. Steve had ordered the girls the cutest ladybug cake pops, Jared a U of M shirt and of course I had to get them a few other goodies. We had fondue (the kids got me a fondue set and Melting Pot Cookbook a few years ago for my birthday) and watched Dr. Strange. It was so cute, Jared made the girls Shirley Temples to go with our Valentine’s Day theme.

Overall it was another amazing weekend and I was sad to see it go so soon! Hope everyone had a great weekend and a happy Monday.

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