Wedding Planning- Update Two
October 13, 2016
October 19, 2016
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Another Weekend, Another Cider Mill

We were suppose to go pick pumpkins at the pumpkin patch this weekend, but considering it poured all morning that wasn’t going to work. The girls and I were looking forward to donuts and cider slushies, so when the rain finally stopped we headed over to Yates Cider Mill. The best part about Yates is they have GLUTEN FREE DONUTS! Steve and I went to Yates a couple weeks ago and I have been dying to go back. This time I made sure to stock up the donuts, it’s embarrassing how many I bought. Luckily some were frozen, so I can save them for later. We also made sure to stock up on apples, Camden used a few to make apple tarts for everyone. Going to the cider mills has to be one of my favorite fall activities.

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