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August 25, 2020
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October 7, 2020
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Bathroom Renovation

I have not been a fan of our bathroom since we moved into the house, like seven years ago. But it worked, was functional, and we had A LOT of other projects we (I) wanted to do. That was until we started having issues with the bathtub, and it needed to be fixed.

So what started with taking out the ugly bathroom liner and replacing it with tile quickly turned into redoing most of the bathroom, like replacing the bathtub, getting a glass shower door, painting, retiling the floor, getting a new toilet, vanity, hardware, and decor.

What originally started as having someone else do most of the work, we had a company replace the bathtub, tile around the tub, and install a glass shower door. And another company fix the drywall and paint the bathroom. Turned into Steve and I demoing and redoing the rest.

Once the new bathtub was in with the tile, it looked so good, we knew we couldn’t keep the old tile. So that’s when we decided to tile the floor ourselves, after work and on the weekends. There were some days I wonder why we decided to do it or wonder if we could just leave the subfloor, but overall it really wasn’t too hard (easy for me to say though, Steve did most of the work). Since we were doing the tile, it made sense to replace the toilet and vanity. At this point, it was like why not change the hardware, get new towels, hang shelves, and add some new decor!

I am so happy with how the bathroom turned out and so thankful we finished it right before COVID-19 happened!

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