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January 11, 2017
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January 13, 2017
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Christmas 2016

I know that this is a little late – but it is throwback Thursday and like I mentioned in my last post, this blog is like an online time capsule for me. Also I had everyone pose for photos and I managed to get a few good ones- so they will make it to the blog, even if Christmas was like 3 weeks ago.

I can’t believe how fast Christmas goes by, I know I keep say that- but I just can’t get over it. The kids loved all the gifts Santa brought and I got some pretty good gifts too! Every year Santa (Steve) writes a letter to each of the kids that we hide in the tree, the letters talk about their big achievements over the year and includes an activity that each of the kids will go individually to do with Steve. It’s such a cute tradition and the kids are always so excited to read their letters to see which activity Santa picked, there is also a family letter saying Santa forgot the family gifts and will have to drop them off that night to be opened on the 26th. Since the kids don’t come over till Christmas afternoon,this is our way of having them open gifts in the morning. Christmas night and the next day are my favorite, once the gifts are open and dinner is finished we are able to just hang out, play with all the new toys and relax. Also every Christmas night Camden and Leighton put on the Camden and Leighton Show the Christmas edition. This year included multiple musical numbers, dancing, gymnastics, a magic show and even an intermission with homemade Cotton Candy (Camden got a cotton candy machine from Jared this year). It’s so nice to stay in our PJ’s all day, eat left overs, play games and just relax!

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