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April 11, 2017
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April 17, 2017
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Easter Eggs


I have always loved the holidays and everything that comes along with it- the traditions, decorating and memories! But now that I have the kids in my life, every holiday is on a whole new level. Easter is no exception, I loved decorating eggs as a child, searching for my Easter basket and going on an egg hunt. So now I want to make sure our kids enjoy it just as much! This year we dyed almost six dozen eggs, the traditional way with those colored tablets and we tried shaving cream with food coloring (thanks, Pinterest). The kids were so creative and focused on making sure their eggs turned out great (besides when they were taking a break to watch Hop). Steve and I might have totally gotten into dying the Easter eggs too (using shaving cream is a total game changer)! Since we dyed the eggs a week before Easter, I’m not sure how good they will taste so I will be using all the eggs for decorations, I love putting them out in this Ikea bowl. What are your favorite Easter traditions?

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