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February 23, 2017
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February 27, 2017
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Friday Favorites: February

Last month I started a new series, Friday Favorites, where I list a few of my favorite things from the this month. First off I can not believe that this is the last Friday of February, where the bleep has this month went? Does anyone else feel like the days are just flying by, maybe it’s because there is only 28 days?? But anyways here a few of my favorite things:

  • Finding a brand of face products that I love!! I know have mentioned this before, but I really should start using eye cream, anti-aging moisturizer and other stuff that will prevent me from looking old and like I use to tan without suntan lotion- since I’m almost in my thirties. There will be more about these miracle products from eb5 next week on the blog- with a discount code!!
  • The amazing weather we are having here in Detroit! February started out great, the first week seemed to have more sunshine than not. Which was especially nice since January was filled with way too many cloudy days. But this past week, has been extra extra special, we have broken a few record warm temps and I’m loving every bit of this spring like greatness!!
  • I have never been one to stick to a workout plan. I have joined the fancy gyms thinking I would work out and use the steam room after, that didn’t work. Next I joined a cheap gym that was super close to my house, trying not to waste money like I did with the fancy one and thinking if it was close I would go, that didn’t work either. My next attempt was to try at home workouts, I was home so I had no excuse not to do it- well I came up with a whole bunch of excuses. But a couple weeks ago I joined the YMCA right by my work and decided that I was going to workout during lunch. Well I finally found the workout plan that works from me! I have worked out five days a week for the past three weeks and that is a huge accomplishment for me!
  • Next on my list is Shipt. We have been using Shipt from day one (well since the first day they came to our Meijer) and it is by far one the best things! Grocery shopping is something that was always on the bottom of my to-do list, but always seemed like it had to be done. Now we are able to pick out everything we need from their app, pick a delivery time and a smiling person shows up at my door step with all my stuff, it’s pretty amazing.
  • Valentine’s day with my guy at our usual Valentine’s Day dinner spot!

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