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February 16, 2017
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February 20, 2017
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Goodies from Udi’s

To say I was excited when Udi’s sent me a box full of goodies, would be an understatement!! But who wouldn’t love a box filled with some of their favorite gluten free products- I’m not the only one that really likes food! When I went gluten free like 9 years ago, I lived on veggies, fruit and unseasoned meats- being gluten free wasn’t popular yet and I wasn’t sure what I could have. This was a huge change for me, my diet before becoming gf consisted mostly of gluten filled food! I was so excited when the market by my house started selling Udi’s. They were my first consistently good gluten free brand and continue to be my go to for most gf products like bread, bagels, muffins, pizza and cookies. Their bread is amazing for BLT’s, avocado toast and french toast, just to name a few. Another great thing is Target sells Udi’s, Target really is the store of all stores! So thank you Udi’s for the box of goodies- I loved everything!!

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