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Grey Ghost

I realized I never posted pictures from our amazing dinner at Grey Ghost, so here they are! The food and drinks were very unique, well thought out and tasted exceptional.

For an appetizer we had Fried Bologna: Waffle, Sharp Cheddar and Jalapeno (we of course had the waffle on the side, so I could enjoy everything else)
For dinner I had the Flat Iron Steak: Pastrami Spice, Dill Pickle and Potato. I never thought to have pickles with my steak, but I couldn’t get over how great they paired. Steve had the Pork Schnitzel: Malted Parsnip, Pub Mustard and he enjoyed every bite. We shared the Brussel Sprouts: Chicken Skin and Cauliflower Soup: Taleggio, Mustard, Pretzel (sorry Steve, but we had to have this without the pretzel). The brussel sprouts were very good, but I was happy we shared since they do get a little sweet after a few bites. The cauliflower soup was poured into the bowl at your table and the bottom of the bowl was filled with pickled cauliflower, both very uncommon, but great! Even though we were both stuffed, we couldn’t pass up dessert they all sounded too delicious. I had the P.B.&J. Sundae: Concord Grape, Peanut Fry Bread, (they were able to just add fried peanuts instead of the bread to make it gluten free) even if you aren’t hungry you need to give this a try! Steve had the Peaches and Cream Pie: Buttermilk, Oatmeal and Thyme, this dessert was recommended by our server and based upon Steve’s praise I can see why!

I love when the staff at restaurants are knowledgeable about what meals contain gluten and if there can be substate or subtractions to make them gluten-free, Grey Ghost was a prefect example of this. Overall it was a wonderful night with my guy, remarkable food and a cool atmosphere. This place is definitely on our repeat list.

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