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July 29, 2020
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Happy 18th Birthday, Jared

I’m in complete shock and denial that Jared is turning 18 today. I’m not sure how the sweet, outgoing, little ten-year boy I first met… is now a sweet outgoing, way taller than me 18 year old!!!

I will forever be grateful for how accepting he was of me, right from the start. I have cherished watching Jared grow up and being apart of his childhood. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for him!!!

Jared here are 18 wonderful memories I have with you, in no particular order:

  1. While up-north on vacation, your dad and I were laughing at an adult joke, you started laughing with us for a minute but stopped and said, so “what are we laughing about”!
  2. When I took you golfing for the first time, I was hoping it was a sport you would enjoy and something we could do together. And to my amazement, you parred the first hole.
  3. At Uncle Tom’s cabin, we all tied together or rafts, but drafted too far away from the shore, so you volunteered to pull us all by swimming. You were so proud of yourself for doing that, and I was so proud of how easily you volunteered.
  4. Catching you playing with a toy sword, while the rest of us are having a conversation.
  5. Driving to your soccer games, listening to Imagine Dragons to get you pumped up.
  6. You are (almost) always trying to be the best big brother and are ok with doing something because the girls want too.
  7. The fact you were actually able to catch a pig for me to hold at Pond Hill and the joke you had whispered after the pig pooped on me.
  8. That even at 17 years old, you still painted a pumpkin because you know how much the tradition means to me.
  9. How great you all with all little kids, and how much they instantly adore you.
  10. That you always hold open a door for a stranger and are willing to lend a helping hand to anyone and everyone.
  11. During your first plane ride, I was so impressed with how you started a conversation with the women sitting next to you and were sincerely paying attention to what she had to say.
  12. That you had the courage to try out for our high school football team your senior year and give it your all each game!
  13. Driving you to school this year, and the random talks we had when you weren’t sleeping 🙂
  14. That I was able to introduce you to skiing/snowboarding, I hope that is something we continue to do together for years to come!
  15. Going shark fishing and laughing when the shark you caught went crazy on the boat.
  16. When you were little and you tried to be brave in front of your sisters so they weren’t scared.
  17. Your first high school golf match, I was so excited and proud that you were playing golf for school (since it was something I introduce to you).
  18. This last one by far tops the list- the speech you gave at your dad and I’s wedding. There wasn’t a dry eye in the place and I will forever cherish that surprise you gave us!
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