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August 5, 2019
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October 9, 2019
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Happy 9th Birthday, Leighton

Happy 9th Birthday, Leighton! How is that you are NINE, that doesn’t seem possible. Leighton is definitely one of a kind, and here are 9 things that make her, her- 

  1. You are becoming more and more wittier. I never want to forget some of the funny things you say. 
  2. I love your made-up words regarding your fashion choices- like fasul (fancy casual).  
  3. You can be so stubborn sometimes, that makes it so hard not to give into you!
  4. I have loved watching your love for singing and performing grow.
  5. You are so creative, and I love all the games and activities you come up with.
  6. You are all about playing Minecraft, and your dad loves it.
  7. You are so fearless, I have to try so hard not to be overprotective with you.
  8. You are definitely independent and want things how you want them.
  9. But you are still my loving, sweet, sassy, little cuddle bug!!!

This weekend, we let Leighton decided what we did and ate in honor of her birthday. Her choice in activities included painting, watching her sing and dance, Harry Potter Movies, lots of Minecraft, UNO, and playing on her swing set. Her food choices included, Taco Bell, Jimmy John’s, Chinese and getting chocolates… this girl isn’t hard to please, but knows what she wants!! 

Hello, AMP world.