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July 9, 2020
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July 29, 2020
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Happy Graduation, Jared

As I watched a live stream of Jared’s high school graduation today, I couldn’t help but feel robbed.  

Robbed of the fact I wasn’t able to be there in person (his school only allowed two adults and the graduate to attend the shortened ceremony), that I wasn’t able to cheer for him as he walked across the stage, that I couldn’t hug him afterward and let him know how proud I was of this accomplishment, and that I couldn’t get a picture with him to remember this special day.

But as much as I was robbed, it doesn’t even begin to compare to what Jared was robbed of…
He was robbed of a real graduation 🎓
He was robbed of prom🕺🏼
He was robbed of his all-night 🎉 
He was robbed of being able to walk the halls on the last day of school 🏫 
He was robbed of signing senior yearbooks 📖 
And the list goes on.  

But during the last few months, Jared has shown so much maturity and sympathy towards the pandemic we are living in.  Yes, he is upset that he was robbed, but his compassion for this situation shows how good-hearted of a young man he is!!! 

Happy graduation day, Jared 👨🏼‍🎓. We are so proud of you!!!

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