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March 1, 2017
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March 3, 2017
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Hello March

Well March you made your presence know, you started out pretty good. But you ended your first day with snow, not like the month before you which was mostly sunshine and warm weather! But it’s a new month, a chance to continue what’s working for you and change what’s not. So I thought I would share a few things that I want to continue and change this month.

A few things I want to continue this month:

  • Working out each day during lunch, but push myself harder each time.
  • To continue the movement we have made towards wedding planning.
  • Not feeling like the house has to be totally cleaned all the time. Usually I’m the type of person that can’t do anything else until the house is cleaned, but I have been working on letting the house stay a little messy and enjoying life a little more.

A few things I want to improve this month:

  • Not taking everything I was blessed with for granted. With everyone posting the highlights of their life on social media all the time, it can be hard not to get a little jealous.
  • Not trying to be perfect, I’m in no way saying that I’m even close to be being perfect. What I’m saying for example is not having to retake pictures because there is something out of place in the background.
  • Taking time in the evening to be device free.

Photos by JMK Photography

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