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October 31, 2018
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November 6, 2018
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A Day of Celebrating Leighton

Request- Birthday Dinner at Mongo, with their special birthday hat!
Request- Ice Cream at Ray's
Even our Shipt Shopper wished Leighton a Happy Birthday!
Request- Purple Birthday Crepes for Breakfast (we added the Sparkler Candles)!
Request- Shopping at Target and a birthday selfie
Request - Lunch from Jimmy John's
Request - Park Tour, but because of the rain we decided to go to AirTime
Leighton's big birthday gift- a play fort

Leighton always wants to make sure she gets what she wants… this girl isn’t afraid of voicing her opinion and making it know. Sometimes it’s a good thing and sometimes it’s like you are crazy we aren’t buying you a unicorn and going to Disney for the day. But when it comes to her birthday Leighton does a great job of being practical but letting us know exactly what she wants to do. This year her birthday weekend schedule looked like this, Friday- dinner at Mongolian Grill, dessert from Ray’s Ice Cream and laser tag at home. Saturday- purple crepes for breakfast, shopping at Target to use some of her birthday money, Jimmy John’s for lunch and an afternoon spent at all the parks around us. Sunday- Red Robin for dinner for her actual birthday dinner. We tried to follow her schedule as closely as we could, but unfortunately, it rained on Saturday, so we were unable to go to the park. Instead of the park, we went to AirTime, which the birthday girl was very excited about. And instead of going to Red Robin, we surprised Leighton with a Taco Bell dinner (one of her favorites) in her new Tree House filled with her gifts. Steve and my dad spent all weekend building what is the start of what will become Leighton’s “play fort”!!!

Hello, AMP world.