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Mother’s Day 2019

Leighton wrote me the cutest letter at school!
Jared sent me the sweetest text!

Instantly becoming immersed in the role of Motherhood,  has been the biggest life-changing experience in my life.  While graduating college, getting my first real job, meeting my husband and marrying him are a few major life-changing events, nothing compares to becoming a stepmom.  There is not a single thing that has changed me, challenged me, made me question myself or has been as rewarding as being a stepmom.

Everyone says motherhood is hard, but stepmotherhood is hard too.  But stepmotherhood is also so rewarding, just like everyone says motherhood is.  

There is one day, in particular, that seems to be hard for a lot of stepmoms- Mother’s Day, there can be a lot of feeling out of place, seconding guessing and trying not to overstep on this day.  My biggest piece of advice for you is to not over think the day (one day does not define you as a stepmom) if you have an authentic relationship with your step-kids, they will find ways to show you that you matter to them.  And when they do it’s the best feeling in the world.

Even though Mother’s Day has passed, I wanted to make sure I took the time to brag about my stepkids for a minute-

Every day I am thankful that not only do I have three amazing step-kids who like me, but they make sure I feel loved, needed and an important part of their lives!  It is always so sweet and thoughtful that they make sure I feel special for Mother’s Day. I sure hit the step-kid jackpot with Jared, Camden, and Leighton!!


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