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March 20, 2017
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March 24, 2017
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My Birthday

I feel like once you are past your early 20s birthdays don’t have the same amount of excitement as they once did. If anything, they are starting to stress me out more than I look forward to the day. Birthdays are a reminder that I’m another year older and makes me look at what I have accomplished, which then makes me think that I have not nearly accomplished what I have wanted too and then I remember that Taylor Swift is 2 years younger than me and look at all she is done! But then I let that all go and focus on the good, think of everything I have to be thankful for and start enjoying my day.

On my birthday, I traded in my normal lunch time workout for a pedicure at The Ten Nail Bar Does anyone else feel like they can fall asleep in the chair when they are massaging your legs? That night we stopped by Stache International for their first ever happy hour, I had the Street Fair Lemonade with Faygo red pop ice cubes – so delicious! Next we went to dinner at Savannah Blue , we went once over the summer and I have been dying to go back for the chopped salad. Our last stop was for dessert at Selden Standard, since I really wanted to try their Mint Chocolate Sundae. This avocado-mint sorbet, marshmallow, hot fudge sundae was just as amazing as I thought it would be. Since my birthday was on a Wednesday this year, we did a majority of the celebrating over the weekend. One of my gifts from Steve was a couples massage at the house on Friday night, it was 90 minutes of heaven! On Saturday the kids and Steve went all out decorating the family room for me and the kids gave me their gifts and homemade cards. To close out my birthday weekend we all went to dinner at Texas De Brazil and Astoira for dessert (which I’m sure how any of us actually ate dessert after eating so much at dinner).

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