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February 3, 2017
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February 7, 2017
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Oh, Monday

Well this weekend was spent recovering from my stupid cold/flu/whatever sickness I had. Finally on Sunday I started to feel better, but I still laid around most of the day making sure I was fully recovered for today. Like I mentioned, I’m a horrible sick person- I can’t just lay on the couch, I try to do things like laundry, clean the house, but then I end up not feeling better as fast as I could. I was upset that I got such a bad cold after my first workout last week, I finally decided to go and then I was forced to not go. But I realized something that taking the time to let my body recover from being sick, is just as important as being active. So Saturday and Sunday I laid on the couch and let the kids take care of Steve and I (since he got my cold too). Camden was so cute, she made us a smoothie for breakfast and homemade meringues. So Monday, I’m actually happy to see you! It’s a new week, I’m 95% better, I was able to workout today and we have a meeting with our cater for the wedding tonight! Here’s to making this week a very productive and good week!

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