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December 2, 2020
January 14, 2021
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Ornament Wreath

Every year we seem to come up with at least one DIY Christmas protect. Last year we created a huge (like hula-hoop size) ornament wreath to hang onto the front of our house.

This year I wanted to create a smaller version of the Ornament Wreath for our front door. The best part was, I already had all the supplies. But if you don’t have LOTS of extra ornaments, tinsel or wire metal wreath ring laying around. You can find everything from a craft store or the Dollar Tree!


  • Hot Glue Gun with a lot of extra glue sticks
  • Wire metal wreath ring
  • Lots of ornaments in three different sizes
  • Tinsel
  • Scissors


  • Create a color pattern for the ornaments
  • Glue the largest ornaments around the outer edge
  • Next glue the second row of the same size ornaments on to the middle of the wreath
  • Around the inner circle of the ring, glue on the medium size ornaments
  • Take the smallest ornaments and fill in any gaps between the two inner rows
  • Cut small pieces of tinsel about an inch in length and glue in between filling all the gaps
  • To add a ribbon for hanging, on the back of the wreath wrap the ends of the ribbon around wires and glue the ends
  • To make the back of the wreath look nice (if hanging on a glass door) I glued tinsel on the back

Since my plan was to hang this wreath on my front door, I decided to wrap a battery powered strain of twinkly around the wreath. I was able to hide the battery pack on the top of the back of the wreath, as shown in the pictures above.

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