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October 29, 2018
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November 2, 2018
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Painting Pumpkins 2018

Happy Halloween!!! I know I mentioned this last year, but if I had to rank all the holidays, Halloween would be towards the bottom of the list… but I am a big fan of handing out candy (and sneaking a few pieces for myself). Even though Halloween isn’t high on my list, I still love doing our traditions like going to the pumpkin patch and painting pumpkins. There is always a debate on what everyone is going to paint, this year Leighton painted a rainbow unicorn, Camden painted a hedgehog and Jared painted a pumpkin with his and his girlfriend’s initials. I can’t believe Jared is old enough to have a girlfriend, but at least he’s still painting his pumpkin (even if he is only doing it because I’m basically forcing him too, but hey he’s still participating).

Side note, I had high hopes of getting Instagram worthy pictures while the kids painted their pumpkins. But what was I thinking, we painted them late on a Saturday night after a busy day. The kids changed into their “painting clothes” (which are old PJs or Steve’s old shirts) themselves… so we know they aren’t picking out anything cute or care if it matches. I had to let the idea of “cute” pictures go, be thankful the kids picked out their clothes themselves and document our real-life moments.

Hello, AMP world.