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July 31, 2017
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August 5, 2017
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Rehearsal Dinner

Up until the Rehearsal Dinner, it didn’t feel like we were actually getting married. It felt more like I was running around crazy, stressing and over analyzing every detail for a day that is supposed to be one of the most special days of your life. During our wedding shower, it felt like we were actually the ones who were getting married for a split second. But that quickly went away after the shower ended and our gifts sat on the pool table because I was too “busy” to put them away. And by “busy” I mean stressing for this special day. The Friday before our wedding we spent the morning and afternoon setting up for our wedding reception. This was by far the most stressful part of the whole wedding process, we were on a tight deadline and I felt like there was so much to do. But somehow (with the help of family and friends) we managed to get almost everything decorated just like I had imagined before the building was closing for the day. And with the help of our amazing caters and florist, all the final details were completed the day of the wedding. But as I was driving back to the hotel from the wedding venue I had this weird sense of clamminess come over me, which is totally unlike me. Normally I would be flipping because we needed to check in, bring our stuff up to the rooms, all five us needed to shower and get dressed up in less than an hour. But instead of stress, I felt excitement, giddiness, and joy- the time had finally come for me to marry my guy!

Pulling up to the church I had to fight back the happy tears, there was no way I could start crying this early into the wedding festivities. Practicing walking down down the aisle with my dad and seeing Steve at the end was officially the moment that it 100% hit me, I was getting married tomorrow.

After the church, we all headed over to Vertical for dinner (one of our favorite places downtown). The food was absolutely amazing – we were able to pick our own menu, so of course, the appetizers included a charcuterie board and Grapes wrapped in Brie/Pistachio/Pistachio Tuile (AMAZING). It was a great evening spent with family and friends celebrating the fact Steve and I were getting married. I wish we could relive that night and enjoy that yummy food again!! Spoiler alert for future posts, our wedding date was the most special day!!

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