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December 18, 2018
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January 24, 2019
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Shopping for a Christmas Tree


While some are shopping for the best Black Friday deals the day after Thanksgiving, we are shopping for the best Christmas Tree!! Every year, we wake up early Friday morning, bundle up and head to the Christmas Tree Farm in search for the perfect tree. After much debate on which tree is the best, Jared cuts it down and we wait for the horse-drawn wagon to pick us back up. Once we arrive back home with the tree, we waste no timing getting it set up and decorated. Camden hangs the nail first, once we finish decorating, Leighton places the star on top. We definitely like following our traditions each year! Another tradition I love, that Jared started the year we moved into our current house, is he cuts off a piece of the tree stump and writes the year on it, which are all proudly displayed on the bookshelf. While having a fake tree would be easier and less of a mess, I don’t think I could ever be team fake tree, I told the kids that they are going to have to take Steve and I, when we are super old, and aren’t able to cut one down!

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