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March 10, 2017
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March 15, 2017
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Steve’s Birthday Week

Steve’s birthday celebrations started the Saturday before his birthday, while Steve and Jared were at the movies, the girls and I decorated the house and Camden made a homemade pecan pie. On his actual birthday (Tuesday) I took a half of day which we spent going out to lunch, at the shooting range, at the driving range, like four different golf stores to find new golf clubs and dinner! On Thursday night when the kids got over, they were so eager to give Steve the gifts they each got him, it’s so cute to see how excited they are and how they all wanted to go last. And I gave Steve the photo book I make him every year, which includes pictures from the past year. Camden also made red velvet cupcakes, so we could sing happy birthday! Friday was the last day of his celebration because as soon as the clock struck midnight it was the start of my birthday week!! Friday night was spent playing a round of golf at Golf 365 (virtual golf), let’s just say we tried to play a round but with five of us- it’s more like eight holes. It was a great week celebrating the guy the kids and I love so much!!! But now it’s time to start celebrating my birthday 🙂

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