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June 20, 2017
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June 28, 2017
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Washington D.C

A couple of weekends ago I spent 48 hours in Washington D.C. visiting my friend Mallory. We definitely made the most of my time there -walked almost 20 miles, stayed up way past my bedtime, visited all of the memorials and museums I had listed on my bucket list, ate and drink at some great restaurants and even had time to lay out at the hotel’s rooftop pool!!! We walked the whole National Mall from the Capitol Building to the Lincoln Memorial and made a few stops in-between Saturday afternoon. Saturday night/super early Sunday morning we visited the Lincoln Memorial again, since going at night was on of the top of my to-do list, so needless to say I had a total Scandal fangirl moment. For brunch on Sunday we ate at DBGB, which was in the City Center district of D.C.- I would highly recommend visiting this area. Not only did all the restaurants look amazing, but there were the cutest alleys and walkways. Since this was like a mini bachelorette getaway, Mallory got me a giant (like as tall as me) diamond floaty for the pool to take pictures with, she knows me so well! I have been home for about two weeks, but still feel like I’m recovering from all the fun we had.

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