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June 12, 2017
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June 20, 2017
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Wedding Planning- Update Eleven

This week was a little bit more productive than last, but still not where it needed to be. But I did take a break from wedding planning this weekend, for a mini getaway to D.C. (instead of a bachelorette party, decided to I went to visit Mallory), so it was a short week in regards to wedding planning. But I did get a lot done regarding my wedding day attire, I went for my second dress fitting yesterday and I’m still in love with my dress!!! Ordered another pair of shoes, hopefully, these work and Camden’s dressy shoes (we agreed to let her wear custom converse’s). I have had such a hard time picking out a belt for the dress until I went to Haberman Fabrics. I actually designed four different belts that I really liked, but was able to narrow it down to two- now I just need to make up my mind and move on. That is really about it, crap- I need to get moving.

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