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January 20, 2017
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January 24, 2017
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Wedding Planning- Update Three

[ Moto Leggings, these are so comfy and prefect for running around wedding planning ] [Similar Tiger's Shirt ] [Duck Boots]

Cue the freak out, our wedding is in 180 days- which seems like it will be here next week when you say it like that. When I say the wedding is July 22nd, that seems so far way and I shouldn’t be in a panic at all. But the truth is our wedding is quickly approaching and I need to get my sh*t together! Last week my mom and I did another quick tour of the venue to refresh our memory, so we can start making the decorations. While we were there, I was told jaw dropping news- we might not be able to have dancing in the room I booked on the 2nd floor, we might have to use a room on the 1st floor. Since we are not positive if we will have to switch rooms, I’m trying not to flip out. In fact I was way claimer while receiving this news then I ever thought I would be. But the bottom line is, I will still get to marry Steve, I will still get to have a party with my family and closest friends to celebrate the fact we just got married, so it’s not the end of the world. If I would have found this news out a week before the wedding- I highly doubt I would have this same attitude.

In other news, we are sending out the saves the dates by this Friday, or else we are doing nothing this weekend until they are done. Also my plan for the next two weeks is to officially order the chairs, table cloths, plates, silverware and book a DJ. I have searched what feels like 100s of websites looking at the same stuff, trying to figure out which company to go with- enough is enough, I just need to sign the contracts and move on. I never realized how bad I am at making decisions, until I started planning this wedding. But it is time for all that to change, I have 180 days until I say I do!

Hopefully with my next update, I will be able to say I completed everything I wanted too and more (wouldn’t that be great)!

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