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June 26, 2017
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July 4, 2017
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Wedding Planning- Update Twelve

24 days, only 24 more days until we get married…. 24 DAYS!!!! I can’t believe how quickly these last few weeks are going. I feel like we have checked off most of the major items we had listed on the to-do list- I ordered Steve’s wedding band and got in tablecloths delivered today! The only stuff that is left is the little details, like table numbers, how the centerpieces are going to be arranged and how the venue is going to be decorated. I get that those are all little things and really won’t matter, but they are stressing me out!!!! Yesterday we were at Michael’s and I almost had a nervous breakdown over which bags we should get for the candy bar, I’m losing my mind! But this weekend will be all about the arts and crafts. I still can’t believe the wedding is in 24 days!

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