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February 24, 2017
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February 28, 2017
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Weekend Recap: Cosmic Fun

The kids we off school for mid-winter break and I had lots of ideas for our long weekend, not all them worked out so well. Thursday started out great, we took full advantage of the weather and walked up to A&W for dinner and root beer floats. Friday is when things started to go downhill, the forecast predicted thunderstorms all day which doesn’t work for outdoor activities. We had planned to go to Ann Arbor to walk around, shop, play tourist and spend the night. But with the thunderstorms on Friday and snow predicted for Saturday we decided it was better to stay home and pout that warm weather was gone. So my next thought was to go skiing for the day, but with the warm weather and rain, all the ski resorts were closed around us. I’m the type of person that needs to have a plan, I don’t always do good with just winging it. So when we were left to wing it, I was thankful for Yelp and kids who just go with it. It was actually nice hanging out a home, with no agenda and nothing that needed to be done. We did end up going out to do a few fun things, like putt putt and Ray’s ice cream on Friday night and bowling with friends on Saturday. But all in all it was a nice low key weekend at home, which is just what I needed. Like I mentioned, I’m the type of person who needs a plan which is not always great. So sometimes it’s nice when life throws you a curve-ball and reminds you that things don’t always go as you plan.

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