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January 13, 2017
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January 17, 2017
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Weekend Recap: How Lucky am I?

I thought this weekend was going to be completely uneventful, spent catching up and just hanging out- which I was looking forward too. But I guess it’s when you least expect it, the most wonderful moments happen. This weekend was simply short of amazing.

Friday night we hung out, ordered Jet’s Pizza for dinner (since I was celebrating National Gluten Free day and they have the best delivered gf pizza), played games, watched an episode of the show we are watching as a family and ate at Camden and Leighton’s “Restaurant”. Their imagination and creativeness, never cease to amaze me. They created menus, Leighton was the waitress and Camden was the chef, and they even made sure to give us the bill when we were done!!

Saturday… Saturday will be a day I will never forget. It started out as a lazy day, getting donuts, nail appointment and a quick trip to Target. But when I got home there was a note on the front door saying “we heart you so much”, which I thought was amazing and made my heart so full. But that was just the start, when I opened the front door the house was filled with 33 different cards that Camden and Leighton had made saying how much they loved me and thanking me for being me and they even had wrote a song – START THE WATER WORKS!!! Once I found all of their notes, I was taken downstairs where they had decorated for “Lauren Appreciation Day”, made me a coupon book (which included the best coupons ever like- free hugs for life and free baked goods) and Leighton performed a cheer. This is my life, these are my people- how did I get so lucky!! The girls thought of this all on their own and just asked Steve to keep me from going downstairs- they are the best. I’m tearing up writing this, thinking about how wonderful my family is and how thankful I am that I get to call them mine.

The cuteness continued to Saturday night, when Steve suggested making a Steak dinner and having a Twilight movie marathon. It was so cute that he suggested both of those since a Steak dinner was the first meal he cooked for us and the Twilight movies were the first movies we watched together. This guy is pretty great.

Sunday was spent wedding planning, catching up on life and thinking about how great Saturday was!

Thank you Steve, Jared, Camden and Leighton for loving me and letting be apart of your family!!!!

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