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January 24, 2017
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January 26, 2017
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Old Mission Peninsula

2 Lads Winery
Bowers Harbor
Brys Estate
Chateau Grand Traverse
Mari Winery
Bonobo Winery
The Boathouse

Most people do not think that Michigan would have so many exceptional and unique wineries, but we do! There are many different areas around Traverse City for a wine tour, but Old Mission Peninsula is my favorite. There are over 10 wineries on the peninsula, so there is surely something for everyone! I’m more of a sweet white wine kind of girl, while Steve and our friends we were traveling with like more reds- but there was at least one wine we each enjoyed at each winery. The most popular season for the wineries up north is summer, followed by fall. I can totally understand why, the summer months up north are beautiful no matter where you are and the fall foliage is breathtaking Yet our favorite season to visit is winter, there is something about being one of the few couples in the tasting room and really being able to talk with the employees. This is our second time coming up for a wine tour during winter in a two year time-span, so I think we have started a tradition! Last time we enjoyed hearing how the wines are made, why they picked their location and design of the building- this time it was just as enjoyable.

First stop was at 2 Lads Winery, which was by far the coolest/ most modern building. They sit way up on a huge hill, so the views out their huge front window of the bay are breathtaking. The Crisp Sparkling and Vortex Rose were my favorite, each were just sweet enough.

Next stop was Bowers Harbor, which has a laid back, homey, welcoming feel. There is a dog roaming around, picnic tables outside and individuals were just coming in from snowshoeing the property. My favorite tasting was the Ice Cider, I’m not sure if it was a wine- but it was under the Apple Wines, so we will say it was.

Brys Estate was next on your list, last time I want there I will admit I was not impressed. But we decided to give them another chance, since our friends prefer red wine and they are suppose to be a good winery for that. This visit was better, but I’m not sure if I would give it a third try.

Chateau Grand Traverse was the first commercial winery in Northern Michigan producing wines from vinifera grapes in 1976, the things you learn when you are the only ones in the tasting room! We love visiting this winery because you get the feel of visiting where things started from. My favorite wine from the is location is the Cherry Riesling.

After visiting the oldest winery, we stopped by the newest Mari Vineyards which opened in June, 2016. One word to describe this winery would be exquisite, from the outside to the inside it has a castle like feel. Also there was a giant moral made from just wine corks, crazy to think how much wine was consumed to make a moral of that size!

Our last stop, is my favorite stop- Bonobo Winery. I’m not sure if it’s the modern feel, inviting sitting areas with board games, great views, or the cheese plate- but this place is my favorite (it’s probably the cheese plate, they have the best one ever!). The Point Gris is my favorite wine from this location,

After spending the afternoon at the wineries, we had an AMAZING dinner at The Boathouse. Their food is simply wonderful and the service is some of the best we have ever had. My favorite part is they allowed me to order a steak off the children’s menu (it’s the perfect amount of food for me)!!

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