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October 24, 2016
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October 28, 2016
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Birmingham Farmers Market

This past Sunday was the Birmingham Farmers Market end of the season celebration and it was beautiful outside, so I decided we needed to go and made the girls come with me- since there was no way I was going to talk the boys into coming. Camden was excited to get an eclair from Eclair Tout De Sweet, two of her favorites combined baking and Paris. Leighton couldn’t decide on what treat she wanted, too many choices for her. But she did decide she wanted to get a bouquet of flowers to bring to my grandma for her birthday. My grandma loved her flowers and Leighton was very proud of herself for picking out such a pretty bouquet, so that was wonderful. We also stocked up on fruit and veggies and checked out all the fall stands that were there. Chef Doug was there from Fruitastic Fruit Carvings, carving pumpkins – I was in amazement on how he was able to carve a pumpkin into such amazing pieces of artwork.

Later that day we spent the afternoon with my grandparents, for my grandma’s birthday and a fall clean up around their house. Every year for my grandma’s birthday my whole family gets together and help get my grandparent’s house ready for winter and clean up their yard- they live on about 3 acres so it takes all of us. With everyone leading such a busy life, it is nice to all get together for something other than a holiday. Also, it is great to see my kids playing with my cousin’s kids!

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