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April 23, 2020
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June 24, 2020
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Homeschooling: A day at Hogwarts

The kids are sad, confused, and having a hard time processing that not only are we unable to go anywhere or see anyone, but they will not be going back to school for the rest of the year. That means they will miss out on seeing their friends, saying goodbye to their teachers, and all of the fun that the end of the school year usually brings.

Instead of sending Leighton to school with a cute lunch and note like I usually do on Fridays, I sent her to “Hogwarts” last Friday.

Here is how I created a day at Hogwarts:

  • I made an acceptance letter to Hogwarts from examples I found online, which I hung outside her bedroom door.
  • I also put a box outside her bedroom door that included: a ticket for Platform 9 3/4, her owl, her “Hogwarts” uniform, and a pencil wand. (DIY for the wand)
  • There was a sign welcoming her to Hogwarts downstairs.
  • After she finished her actual schoolwork, we did a Harry Potter-themed scavenger hunt.

Even though this was a simple DIY project that used supplies I already had, going to Hogwarts for the day certainly made homeschooling a little bit more exciting for Leighton and would for your Harry Potter loving child.

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