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February 1, 2017
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February 3, 2017
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Quick Valentine’s Day Craft

So I suck at being sick, I have a very hard time just laying on the couch and resting. I’m constantly wanting to clean up or check something off my todo list. Since I stayed home from work today due to the flu and a fever, I tried my best to watch as many episodes of Ally McBeal as possible, drink my slurpee and rest. But around noon I was going stir crazy, so I figured I would finally make the Valentine’s Day sign for my front door that I have been meaning to do. This quick craft was so easy, that I could do it sick, while sitting on the couch!

I bought both the wooden heart and wording from Target’s Dollar Spot, they were each only $3.00! The paint and glitter I already had, so this was also a very cheap craft. I basically painted the heart red, painted the “Valentine’s” part white, added glitter, painted the rest of the wording pink and hot glued it together. I thought it turned out pretty cute and Camden thought I bought it- so thats a pretty big compliment. Now I’m off to make lunches for tomorrow and get back to the couch!

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