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April 24, 2017
Wedding Planning- Update Seven
May 3, 2017
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Wedding Planning- Update Six

We are getting married in 86 days, wow! When Steve proposed over two years ago and we decided on July 22, 2017, to be our wedding date, I thought I had all the time in the world and I would have everything figured out months before the wedding. Well, we are about three months away and there is still a lot on my to-do list. I have mentioned before, planning a wedding has shown me just really how bad I am at making decisions and moving on. But this past week we did check a few large items off the to-do list. The invites are completed and being printed out now!! It is such a relief to know that the invites are finished, considering we need to mail them out very soon. Steve picked out his suit and the groomsmen suits, I picked out the bridesmaids dresses and Leighton got her flower girl dress. Picking out Leighton’s dress was so much fun, that girl was in full on princess mode. We get to the store and the lady asked Leighton what we are looking for, her response “a dress, high heel shoes, purse and a crown”- that girl is too much. As we were leaving Leighton goes I’m so happy we came and tried on dresses, that was so much fun, I don’t want to leave!

Lastly, one of the most exciting wedding-related things that occurred this week was, booking our flights for the HONEYMOON!!!!!

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