Labor Day Weekend in Ann Arbor
October 2, 2018
Happy 8th Birthday Leighton
October 7, 2018
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Weekend Recap: Things to do at night

While I was dropping Camden off at a sleepover last Saturday, Leighton was busy at home typing up a list of things for us to do in a fancy font on her computer. When I got home she had the list printed off and was telling the boys to go watch a movie, her and I had things to do. Leighton usually does not get much girl time with just me, it’s usually with Camden, so she was pretty excited. Talk about an ego boost and making my heart want to burst. So, of course, we had to make sure to complete her list. While the cookies were baking, we made our fort and drew some pictures. Since it was getting late, we decided instead of playing board games we would watch a movie, while laying in our fort, eating cookies. I hope nights like last Saturday will be as memorable to Leighton, as they are to me.

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