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December 10, 2019
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Winter Table Box DIY

I was definitely ready to take down my Christmas decorations, but as soon as we did the house felt so bare.  I debated putting out my Valentine’s day decorations to help fill the void but quickly realized that January 1st was way too soon for that.  After scrolling Pinterest for inspiration as one does,  I decided that I would make a few winter decorations to put out to add a little something until I decorated for Valentine’s Day.  I went pretty basic with winter decorations (since I won’t have them out for long), like adding Epson salt to glass vases with snow-covered trees, pinecones or silver bells, put out a few snowflakes and added pine tree clippings to small galvanized buckets.

I also turned my table box into a winter wonderland, filled with snowflakes.  I had most of the items already, but I did buy a few different snowflakes from Joann Fabrics that I painted white and added glitter.  The pictures above show how I put everything together.

Be sure to check out my fall table box!



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