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5 Things I love About Detroit

I have extreme pride for Detroit and have a real issue when anyone speaks negativity towards it. Yes this city has had it’s fair share of issues, but who hasn’t. Detroit truly is the comeback city, if you haven’t had the chance to experience it lately you really should find the time! I have always been a fan of Detroit, but my love for this city has grown tremendously as I grow older and can appreciate everything it has to offer more. The past two and half years I have worked downtown and have watched this city change for the better each day. Detroit is a city that I want to show off and have others enjoy it as much as I do, that is why we decided to get marry downtown. I could go on and on about why I love Detroit, but here are my top five.

  • The restaurants- This foodie in the making is loving all of the restaurant! My original plan was to checkout each new restaurant within the month it opened, but that is proving to be difficult since it seems like a couple new ones are opening each month. It is great to see restaurants from other major cities coming downtown. But there are also so many other original places opening up downtown that seem like they belong in another major city.
    My current favorites are –
    Brunch: Dime Store, Hudson Cafe and Wright and Co
    Lunch: El Asador, Townhouse and Central Kitchen and Bar
    Dinner: Wright and Co, The Vertical and Chartreuse
    Drinks: Standby, Bad Luck Bar and Grey Ghost
  • Campus Martius- This park has become the center of the city, summer or winter time. During the spring and summer there is the “beach” a huge sandbox for kids to play in or for the adults to look out at and pretend you are at the beach at one of the pop up bars. Plus the large grass area is great to enjoy a concert, lunch or outdoor movie. Last summer there were musical swings brought in, that the girls loved! In the fall the giant Christmas tree comes and by November the green grass area is now an ice skating rink.
  • Christmas Time- The holiday season is magical downtown with the lights lining the buildings top to bottom down Woodward to the Christmas tree, the city sparkles. The year around shops, along with the pop-up shops are great place to do all your holiday shopping. You can’t help but smile when a doorman with a top hat, wishing you a happy holiday opens the door for at one of the many of the buildings downtown.
  • The People- Majority of the people visiting or working downtown have the same attitude I do, that they are wishing and rooting for the city to succeed. You can’t help but come to downtown and feel the drive and determination of this city to become what it once was. From the millionaires investing and building this city back up from the ground upwards to the individual talking about how great the city is, everyone here is a fan of this great city.
  • The Beauty- Detroit has had its fair share of hard times, but it has not lost it’s beauty. It is wonderful to see the buildings built in the 1920s have been brought back to life, all while keeping their original charm. After being downtown at least five days a week for over two years, I’m still in awe about how pretty Detroit really is. From downtown, to Midtown, to Corktown to the Riverfront there is so much character and uniqueness that I have a hard time picking out my favorite area.

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