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February 14, 2018
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February 27, 2018
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Skiing at Shanty Creek

I learned how to ski when I was around two or three and I have enjoyed this winter activity ever since. So naturally, I was so excited when the kids loved skiing as much as I do after their first lesson a couple years ago. And I was very happy when one of “Santa’s family gifts” was a trip up-north to Shanty Creek Resorts to go skiing. The few days we spent up-north was filled with snow, fun times and trying to keep warm. Even though we only seem to fit in skiing once or twice each winter, I’m always so impressed with how well the kids pick it right back up. Camden and Jared, of course, did great like always. But this year, Leighton did amazing. She not only lasted the whole day skiing but Lei was able to go up and down the magic carpet all by herself this year! I really do love that the kids love this activity as much as I do and it was something I was able to introduce to them.

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