Valentine’s Day Gift
February 14, 2017
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February 16, 2017
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Valentine’s Day Dinner

Our first Valentine’s Day together was spent having dinner at Cuisine, the next year we decided to go back- so now it has become our Valentine’s Day Dinner tradition! Cuisine is such a cute and unique restaurant, set in a historic home that has kept it’s house like feel. The food is amazing, Valentine’s Day is a very busy day for them- but the food never suffers. Also the company is pretty amazing! This year Steve got me my favorite – Shari’s Berries, the prettiest flowers sent to work and a necklace. But I loved the box he decorated for the necklace- I love banners and usually have multiple hanging throughout the house for each holiday, so it was so sweet that Steve included two of them in his decorations.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine’s Day! Friday we will be celebrating with the kids, a little late I know.

Shari’s Berries

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