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November 2, 2018
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November 14, 2018
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Yum Box: Thailand

It’s time to start making your Christmas list!! If you are anything like me, you definitely need to start early or else you will be paying a sh*t ton in shipping or everything will be from Amazon (thank you Prime). Also, if you are like me you are a big fan of receiving or giving subscription boxes, it’s a gift that keeps on giving. I have found a subscription box that anyone on your list will love, actually my mom found it. Last year for Christmas my mom got Steve a Yum Box from, Universal Yums. We all really enjoyed opening and trying all the different foods each month, that my mom decided to get it again for Steve, but this time for his birthday. Leighton definitely loved the Yum Box each month, you would have thought it was her gift, not Steve’s. So this year for Leighton’s birthday, my mom go a subscription in her name. Leighton has always been in charge of reading the booklet that comes with each box letting us know what the items are and if I can eat them or not. It’s so cute and thoughtful that she reads all the ingredients to see if it says contains wheat (gluten-free life for me). Leighton’s first box was from Thailand, we were big fans of everything besides the seaweed snacks, we couldn’t jump on that train. Not only does the box include snacks, but the booklet that tells you about each item also includes quizzes and fun facts about that country. Can’t wait to see where her next box is from, we are guessing Russia (they give you clues for the next box). If my mom doesn’t get Leighton another subscription for Christmas, I think Santa might!

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