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Target’s $10 January Beauty Box: #GOALS

For January, Target offered a $10 and $5 Beauty Box, of course I had to order both! I think I have a problem with subscription boxes, but I used my Red Card and saved 5% and they give you a coupon for $3 off $15 on beauty products! Anyways, I’m still waiting on the $5 box, but did receive my $10 box- so I wanted to share what came inside and my thoughts. First is what Target has to say about each product, next are my thoughts.

1. [Chapstick: Total Hydration Lip Scrub] exfoliates and conditions your lips, making them perfectly soft and smooth. It uses naturally sourced ingredients, including vitamin E and coconut oil.

My Thoughts: I’m totally loving this product and I need to pick up more next time I’m at Target. My lips get so dry during the winter, I end up biting off the dry skin and making my lips bleed way too often- gross I know. So this is wonderful for me, exfoliates and makes my lips feel so smooth.

2. [L’Oréal Paris: Revitalift Volume Filler Re-Volumizing Cream and Serum] are formulated with hyaluronic acid to retain skin’s moisture, leaving skin firmer and fresher.

My Thoughts: It’s sad to say, but I should totally be using a product like this all the time- I am almost 30 (wow that is hard to type) we will see how this product goes with my sensitive skin.

3. [Nexxus: Comb Thru Hairspray] offers beautiful lift and volume without the stickiness. It’s designed to work with all hair types.

My Thoughts: I try not to use hairspray, but this one works well for my little baby hairs.

4. [eb5’s: original skin care facial cream], proven gentle and effective for over 60 years. It delivers intense moisture and gives you healthier, younger looking skin.

My Thoughts: Like I mentioned above, I’m almost 30- so bring on the cream that makes me look younger! I don’t feel like this cream leaves my face feeling greasy, it’s hard to tell how good it works after one use, but so far I like it.

5. [Revlon: Kiss Balm]contains a non-greasy, SPF 20 hydrating formula infused with natural fruit oils to deliver softer, smoother, kissable lips with sheer juicy color.

My Thoughts: Not my favorite color, but after using the lip scrub and this- my lips feel wonderful!

6. [Beautiful Nutrition: Lemon Rinse Gentle Clarifying Treatment]removes product buildup in order to return your hair to its natural glory. It’s paraben free and cruelty free.

My Thoughts: After all the dry shampoo and conditioner I use, this could be a great product to help get out all the build up. I tried it once, didn’t notice a huge difference- but might be something you have to use a few times.

7. [Burt’s Bees: Intense Hydration Day Lotion]revitalizes dry skin, leaving your skin feeling soft and supple while helping reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

My Thoughts: I can use all the hydrating lotion I get right now- Michigan winters are rough on your skin. I didn’t start itching after using this lotion so it’s good in my book!

8. [Amlactin: Moisturizing Body Lotion]uses clinically proven 12% lactic acid, pH-balanced for the skin, to boost skin’s natural renewal process and reveal softer, smoother skin.

My Thoughts: Like I mentioned in regards to Burt’s Bee Day Lotion- my skin is so dry right now! My plan is to use this lotion at night and the Burt’s Bee in the morning.

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