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July 13, 2020
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August 5, 2020
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First Family Dinner Out

Normally we would be on vacation for our wedding anniversary and spend the whole day celebrating with the kids.

But one week ago, Steve and I were celebrating our third anniversary a bit different. These past few months have been far from normal, and how we celebrated July 22nd, was not normal either.

I spent the morning a little upset that we weren’t away exploring a new area, and being excited to try a new nice restaurant later in the day.

But we decided to make the day as normal as we could and did something we haven’t done in over four months….

We all got DRESSED UP (with masks that matched our outfits) and went OUT TO DINNER to a nice local restaurant (where we could eat outside, took reservations, and was going above and beyond regarding the COVID protocols).

As I mentioned, the kids have not been to a restaurant in over 4 months, so to eat dinner somewhere besides home, and not have to worry about cleaning up or doing any dishes, felt like a real treat for everyone.

Once my anxiety of being out with kids subsided, I quickly realized how much I miss and enjoy going out the five of us. I need that dinner out. For about two hours, everything felt normal.

Being able to have a great conversation, laugh together, and know I don’t have to clean the kitchen or do dishes afterward made for the best dinner in a long time. (Can you tell I’m over always having a sink full of dishes and a messy kitchen!!)

Hello, AMP world.